Best 2D Animation Software

Best 2D Animation Software

We always like to watch animated movie, video game and cartoon animation. Best 2D animation software creates character, storyboard and two dimension environment. It creates a figure that can move.

2D animation training is required for better work flow . 2D animations are created in using some software program .In this review we talk about best 2D animation software.

Require certificate and training  for 2D animation work :

  • Character design
  • Life drawing techniques
  • Digital animation
  • Digital video
  • Stop motion animation
  • Web animation

One should take a training in animation program to become skill , a person is able to get a job by taking skill test.

Animators job is to study the script and get into the character’s frame with design .

  • Develop storyboards
  • Design characters
  • They arrange characters and items in a scene
  • We create graphics, motion and animation using computer .
  • They edit animations according to client or director .

We take training according to U.S.Bureau of Labour statistics (BLS ) . Employment of all animators and multimedia artist is increasing day by day. Animators job are very demand-able . like visual effects for movies, mobile device and video game and television jobs are often outsourced overseas , which slows the growth potential .According to  BSL  report that these animators average salary  of $69,410 as of May 2014 .

How to create your own animation with software , including 2D tools .

There are some courses with video tutorial. Which can help you learning creative skills ,and mastering 2D animation.

These are the popular  and  Udemy 

There are many  best 2D animation software available if you want to try your hand at animation . Here are the 8 programs we feel will work well for most artists.


 Moho Debut 12 :

The Moho Debut 12 and Moho pro 12 is a complete animation program for artists of all levels. It is an easy and fun software that provides you with all the tools you need to make your own creations in the digital world of animation. If you are interested in 2D movies, stop motion, cartoons or cut-out animations, you can do it all here. Create your own characters and add sound effects or make them talk using the automatic lip-sync.

Toon Boom :

This software lets you sketch, draw, paint and create any style of art with all necessary tools required to complete your project. You can even apply cool effects and composite in 3-D.  Make movies and create games or just enjoy producing traditional paper-less animation.

Crazy Talk Animator 3 :

Crazy talk animator 3

Crazy Talk Animator 3

You can now easily bring all your art to life with the bouncy elastic motion effects on this software. Character templates, bone rig editor, lip-sync tool and many other features make this a fun program to help you create amazing animation.


Synfig Studio

Enjoy working with a full featured bone system, vector tweening and multiple layers and filters. Synfig Studio provides you with a program that comes with some great advanced controls and allows you to create your own unique animation effortlessly.


Adobe Animate CC

You can animate whatever that pops in your head with the Adobe Animate CC. Let your imagination run wild and make it all possible using the highly developed tools that are included in this program. You can even create your own games, ads and characters and export them to various platforms.You can find some 2D animation work here animated e gift card .



This software is for all those passionate cartoonists out there. With a few easy steps and some advanced yet simple tools, you will be able to finish a project with absolutely no hassle. Just import your files and follow the instructions to effectively complete your work within a short time.


Clip Studio Paint

The Clip Studio Paint is a popular graphic software from Japan. You can draw, paint and create comics and cartoons using this program. If you are a fan of manga, you will love the specialized features . Detailed functions that come with this manga studio 5 software.

Clip studio paint ex



Searching for a  professional software? then CelAction2D is the right software  for you. With no drawing tools available in the programe, you can easily import assets from your choice of software and edit, add effects or include sounds.

 Pros  :

2d animation software  is important coz It’s excellent for communicating concepts of all kinds to broad audiences, young and old. It is versatile .

It can reduce cost without the considerable risks .Example if you show a story with dolphin , you can easily show it with animation .

Cons :

Though  software are updated every time but it crashes sometimes .

If you want to  create comic with 2D animation program ,then these software are not  strong enough

Anime studio  software is suitable for creating comic series, but not  for  graphical novel. It is a helpful 2D animation software for the beginners.


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