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The word anime comes from animation. It is popular for Japanese animated series or movie and game .There are so many anime shows with different plots, different characters. It happens many times when you just find out that a show seems interesting but then for some reasons you don’t feel to watch it.  Therefore we have come up with this short anime review where we will talk about some certain shows which have gained the highest popularity and also have a very well-written story line.

Your Name (Kimi no Na Wa)

A beautiful out of the world story that has been touched all its viewers’ heart. Where there are so many romantic anime shows or movies this one is an exception. Even if you are not an anime lover, you will fall in love with the characters. In this movie, you will get to see a mix of body swap, time travel and follows by a beautiful love story.  This is an unconventional romantic anime where they have skipped the basic concept of love at first sights. The interesting relationship between Taki and Mitsuha is something that is hardly seen in anime shows. Viewers have fallen in love with the beautiful landscapes and skies. While watching this anime you have to swim into a lot of emotions and you will feel your own heart around those two characters.


Barakamon complete series

Another relaxing, heart-warming and funny anime show is the Barakamon. The story starts with a perfectionist boy named Seishuu Handa, who was sent to an island as a punishment. Being used to live in a city, Handa starts to feel frustrated to live on an island. But as the story goes by you will see how Handa gradually falls in love with the people. This is an anime show where there are no unnecessarily emotional or fast-paced scenes. The characters have simplicity and innocence in themselves. The main theme revolves around how Handa as an artist struggles. The story has a childish humor but this anime review will surely touch your heart.

Anne of Green Gables 

Often people don’t like the concept of adaptions of novels as show and the reason is that many shows cannot actually justify with the story. But as an exception of this where the makers have successfully maintained the real story is the Anne of Green Gables. The story is set in the late 19th century and the main story is centered with a girl named Anne Shirley. Anne is an 11 years old orphan girl and had a gift of imagination. She also has a lot of positive energy. As the story goes by occurs a lot of changes in Anne’s life. Once you get into the story it will keep feeling wondering what will happen in future and that is how the show will continue to keep your attention. The animation of the show is top notch and for the character build up and story this anime show has received a great of appreciation. People have loved Anne’s physical and mental growth and they can also feel with her. It is a simple yet very related  anime show which will teach you many things about life.

What makes anime review so popular?

People like anime for different reasons, anime has a creative story lines in media .T he characters are awful . dramatic and incredible . In Hollywood Anime is popular.Just because of America has different type of people from different culture . In  America, anime gives the feeling that  people are learning some different culture, It inspires people to be more childish. Anime inspires imagination. It is hilarious, It makes people fall in love with fictional characters, makes people laugh or cry.

Even books related to anime are illustrated wonderfully with every page .

Best funko pop & posters, key ring clothes  are also popular anime  accessories  .

Some anime can work however,. You can definitely pin a lot of bad creative choices on Hollywood’s part and a critical misunderstanding of the medium as reasons for bad adaptations.

Asian communities like  Chinese, Japanese, Hong Kong , Taiwanese beats the speed of creating anime series . They are pretty fast of doing that.

For example, when One punch Man came out, the Chinese community was ahead  before the western community got into it.
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History Of Anime In The US :

Astro boy 2

When Astro Boy by Osamu Tezuka aired on US television in 1964, It become so popular all over the world rather than in Japan, What Osamu Tezuka created make the American history .

Now a days In America if you go to any video store or any related shop, you can find book, gaming and comic magazines, of the new anime releases .Also some different accessories  of new releases . Sometimes even the odd release effects on the Science Fiction channel There is an Anime tape club advertised on television! Can you get 10% of the average people to hum a current anime theme song?

U.S. Adaptation And Syndication of anime review :

The “conversion” of Gatchaman to the US market was something beyond the rule than the exception. It is not expected that the American people would take it easily that the things which are created for the Japanese market .The Godzilla adaptations in the 1960’s and 1970’s “proved” this.

The syndication market had a few rules in the US in the 1980’s. One of them was the minimum number of episodes a series had to contain for it to be considered. With the phenomenal success of Macross TV in Japan,
The best anime of 2018

After the rain : 

After the rain book

The story is set in a seaside town .Where Akira Tachibana’s (17) works in the track club. There she had dedicated her youth, devoted her happiness.
Violet Evergarden
A Place Further Than the Universe : 

It has a scrolling poster , which is popular .


anime review

Pop Team Epic. If you always find something really funny. When it’s not, you just quit so that you can see more of the really funny stuff.

According to POP TEAM EPIC, Japanese mangaka Bkub Okawa’s wildly popular web comic. This show filled with memes, pop culture references, and general stupidity. His comedy style revolves around the idea that if you throw everything that pops into your head at the wall .

Pros :

My philosophy is that if a comedy can make me laugh, it’s completed good work, and it is definitely an anime.

Anime is a pure, unabashed stream of consciousness with a budget.

It become popular despite of language of foreign country.In America TV stations air them because the anime producers pay them to,

Cons  :

Anime is not that cash cow. There are three major anime review  for this.

To release a movie wide is insanely expensive.
Anime isn’t that attractive to people in the US or other country.
Westerners are not that curious about anime. It is actually Asian crush .

Truth is that anime  in the America is still viewed as “child stuff” despite having mature anime  like South Park, Family guy, etc

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