My Hero Academia Review
A story line based on a world where most of the people have superpowers and a superhero-loving boy who doesn’t have any superpower. To know about this superpower you need to read my hero academia review .

Horikoshi   Kouhei created My Hero Academia manga .Which Inspired by American superhero comics .

This anime started two years ago and in a very short time, it has gained a lot of popularity. This anime show, My hero academia review  has solidified its place among many views as the best anime show.

The main story is basically centered on a boy named Izuku, he was the hero, Midoriya a girl who loves superheroes and always wanted to become one. In the show, you will see that 80% of the people have superpowers or Quirk as they called it. All of a sudden you will see that all the newborn babies are having superpowers. It didn’t show where this Quirk is coming and why people are gaining these powers. These people who have powers started learning about their power through various schools and the best one was U.A. Academy. The boy who always wanted to be a superhero is unfortunately among those 20% people who don’t have powers. In the show, you will see how badly he was bullied by his childhood friend named Bakugou who has an amazing quirk. Even after such bitter truth he never left the dream to become the best superhero just like the All Might. After a number of incidents, The Boy  got the chance to encounter with All Might and he passes his power so he got the ultimate speed, strength, and endurance. However, this is the time when the boy  realized that dreaming to become a superhero and being a superhero is totally different and it is not that easy. He somehow managed to clear the entrance exam of the academy but later he found difficult to pass different exams and thus the story continues.
Now let’s talk about how bad or good is the show.
The storytelling, character build up and also the special world build up was very well. The strength of the show is that it has a very well-developed cast which will continue to grab your attention and won’t let you go. After some episodes you will also see some romance happening between major characters and you will be waiting to see how those relationships play out. How Izuku struggled to prove himself will create some tension-filled drama which views will love to see.

My Hero Academia review tells that it is a popular show among the teenage people and people who love Shonen genre series. If we talk about the sound and auditory aspects then this show has done a tremendous job. Studio Bones has done a great job presenting nicely draw animations.

This  My hero academia anime review   has a heartfelt story with some very similar  characters. If you are manga  lover then you will surely love this how. However, we felt this show can be seemed a little childish for a matured adult person. On the other side, it has some characters where you can relate yourself especially Izuku . All in all, this is a unique, funny and at the same time emotional animation.

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