One Punch Man Review
A man who can solve every problem with just one punch and that’s the basically the main story of this anime show. The story line needs no more introduction than just this one line, but why this anime show is one of the best anime shows to know that read our one punch man  review.

This is a 12 episodes anime show and like other anime shows it is also based on a manga. One of the most popular anime studios Madhouse is behind the production. This is an anime show which is very engaging and top of that very hilarious.  The one punch man review tells , a man who’s name is Saitama. Initially, you will see that this guy is getting very hard to become a hero and after a lot of training and losing all his hair he became so powerful that he is able to kill anyone with just one punch. There are nothing and no one that can resist his punch. He does whatever he feels rights to do. There is nothing to stop him.  The story goes like this and then Genos comes.  He decides to become Saitama’s disciple and he actually does also. Then comes the Hero Association and the story continues to build up.

The One Punch Man anime show has many characters and we can say that Madhouse has done a good job to bring out all the characters very nicely. The art style of the show is amazing with every single little detail. People have loved all the looks of every villain characters even if some seemed a little creepy. No matter how small or big is the character, all the characters are successfully presented and have imposed on their own style.
Now if we talk about the voice and sound quality, again we have to say it is amazing.
Especially , one punch man review we can see , the opening song is too good and it has also created a lot of hype. The music is just like the way a superhero show should have. It is inspiring and powerful. On the other hand, the slow tracks are soothing. The voice acting has gone all well. You will enjoy all the characters laughing and gloating sound and the voice goes perfectly with the impressions. Saitama’s voice properly matches with his character and also with his personality. All in all each and every voice fits the emotions, situations, and characters.
To sum up, we can say One-Punch Man is a show which is great in all aspects.
People have loved its music, characters and obviously the animation itself.  The main theme of the show is that Saitama can do anything with his one punch and he is the strongest. However, apart from this, there are so many other things to enjoy in this anime show. Therefore, it is a must watch anime show.

Anyone with a Netflix account can watch these anime show. This matter increases western audiences. We get this idea from one punch man review .

One punch man’s first season is available on Blu-ray and DVD.It also have OVA collection & some accessories.

News 2018 the season 2 is coming soon :

The first season of one punch man was released by VIZ media in 2016.After releasing  it went so viral that it gets dubbed in  English in the United States of America . ONE PUNCH MAN aired in English during 2016. It  Broadcast ed on Adult Swim in the United States. Kazuki Nakashima has written this anime series .and it developed by sudio Trigger. A second season was planned two years before by VIZ media. Officially declared that Season 2 is coming soon in end of August 2018 .
Who could beat Saitama the strongest man ?
One-Punch Man is the strongest man of all anime. He trained very hard and also details his training regime. He can defeat every enemy he faces with simply one punch. Saitama the punch man  struggles to find a worthy opponent in battle with one punch .The whole city is covered with all sorts of monsters, yet none but a single punch from Saitama solve it. A nice poster of one punch man .

Thanos vs One Punch Man :The strongest one punch man  challenges the Thanos . it spread over to the anime fandom quickly , Saitama doesn’t look the least bit scared in the face of Thanos . His rippling muscles look like they are itching for a fight. it has stirred up some serious controversy. One Punch Man — and The hero looks chill enough .

Saitama vs Goketsu : The monster Goketsu appears  One punch man series.   Gouketsu was executive member of Monster association .As Gouketsu is threat  level dragon he is extremely powerful .He has fight with other powerfull animy  before .

Saitama VS Superman :

Saitama VS Hulk :

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