Cyberlink powerdirector review

Cyberlink power director review  :

Cyber link power director is easy to learn and harmless software. It made film making easier.It has lots of features. If you want to edit, cut and optimize video , then cyber link power director is helpful of all other software .    Cyberlink is the first software which  support 360-degree VR footage.

360 degree video feature :

Mainly it works with 360 degree.  Power Director 360 edition has  brings 360-degree video shooting and editing to the mainstream. You can watch the video in spherical way .

When you work with 360-degree video, many elements cannot be adjusted similarly like tittle tracking Only cyberlink power director software can solve that.

If  you  search in google or bing reviews on specific software, You will find top 10 results .Software download sites like CNET, Snap files, Softpedia, etc. That have many updated version.

Motion tracking feature:

You can adjust or move the around thing with the subject.


Collage creation feature:

Sometimes you might like to share collage in social media. Cyber link power director helps you to do that.

In Adobe element, you to can create a single animated video modules. But by using Video Collage plugin you can adjust some or two dozen templates for collage.

Color matching  feature :

PowerDirector 16’s Color Match feature helps you align the lighting conditions of different clips by copying the color range of one clip to another. It is very easy to work with , just click the match color button, and you’re done .

Another thing use color lookup tables (LUTs) to assign a specific color range to a set of clips.  To apply a LUT , you need to download a lookup table.

Audio Update  feature :

A new Audio feature is found in power director software . It can reduce background noise easily .It has fade-in and -out duration. The algorithm does the rest. You need to reinstall the program for audio . In addition, certain CLUTs did not work. Power Director works on an HP Spectre x360 laptop running in Windows 10. Its 64-bit Intel Core i5 is useful .


There are  different version  of Cyberlink power director , has the title of world’s fastest video editing software for several versions,

  • Cyber link Power director 15 ultra.
  • Cyber link power director 16 review
  • Cyber Link Power Director 17 Review
  • Cyber link Power director 18


Cyber link Power director 15:

Cyberlink PowerDirector 15 Ultra


Cyberlink power direct  has full 360-degree video editing option and cutting-edge features . This version offers 100-track timeline, 500 transitions, effects and templates. In  deluxe version  has more advanced tools, multi-cam editing.

Cyberlink Power Director 16

Cyberlink PowerDirector 16 UltraCyberlink PowerDirector 16 Ultimate

It has motion and object tracking features . Power director 16 is responsiveness to commands .It is  overall smooth and stable operation. In a Windows 10 update affected critical audio functions.

New color features create more artistic works. the new Collage Design and easy not stepping into the 360-degree arena anytime soon, Power Director 16’s video collage and advanced color-matching features make it worth .


Cyberlink Power Director 17 Ultra


cyberlink power director 17Cyberlink PowerDirector 17 Ultra

  • Cyber link power director gives you new feature .Easy to edit with one click color correction.
  • It optimizes 8 customizable design .Motion tracking frame by frame.
  • Collage video and multicam editing.
  • Power Director supports 4K and 2K ultra HD video formats
  • It has Step-by-step guideline .
  • It imports rectangular footage .and it can create 360 degree project and can export in 360º format
  • Price is 120 $ normally , but you can get some discount .

Cyberlink Power DVD 18 Ultra: 


Cyberlink PowerDVD 18 Ultra


It has the highest resolution videos on you Ultra HD TV .

  • a new 360˚ viewing also improved .You can see every angle simultaneously
  • Motion tracker improved from power director 16 to 18
  • Also the chroma key also improved . .


    • Power Director offers a number of tools which enable users of all skill levels.
    • Only the visitors are your friends and family. The quality is not that good .
    • It is easy to download. You can download the software directly from the trusted power director link. It is safe to download.



  • Cyber link power director is speedy , user friendly , besides it has some  high quality issues .
  • This software are not suitable for commercial use like final cut pro or vegas pro .
  • Power director only works in windows. It does not work in Mac .
  • Is is not for photo editing .
  • You must need a good graphic card like 16 GB .




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