Edit  video windows 10

Graphicfahmission uses the best video editing software, that is adobe premiere pro and pinnacle studio. We can make the video more enjoyable and memorable to watch by edit,cut & optimize  video .The process are following:

Edit & cut & optimize video process :

Now a day’s people has no time to sit & watch a long video. It’s often a good idea to keep videos as short as possible. We do that, make a 45 minute longer boring video to short and concise by cutting and editing.

  • Speed up and slow down : 

  • We use edit,cut & optimize video software to slow down or speed up videos easily. It helps you to change the video speed to make slow motion video or speed up the video in an easy way.

  • Intro & outro or Tittle:

  • We use intro and tittle for specific edits to subconsciously trigger an understanding in the viewer, we use cross dissolves when starting or ending scene.
  • Edit sound:

  • In a original video people can slur their words to a point where you can’t separate one word from the next. It happens. But whenever you can cut out a long breath, an “umm” or other thoughtless comment, do it. The trick here is to use very short audio fades. 
  • Add Sound and effect:

  • We can put different sound or background music according to your choice. And put different type of effect and video transitions.
  • Add some animation:

  • As a professional video editor, We are able to know your way around After Effects and be able to create customanimation in a video . like moving lower thirds and backgrounds without assistance. The building of these static graphics,
  • Color correction:

  • Color correction is the most important thing in a video. We can change color and environment.
  • Green screen video editing:

  • Record video in front of an evenly lit, solid bright green or blue backdrop, and then import it into movie by video editing .Graphicfahmission supports Chroma Key  to remove color of Green Screen, and replace the background of a video .